WEDM (Wire Erosion)

Due to a large expansion in this industry sector, we have found it necessary to increase our wire erosion (wire EDM) capabilities in this area. As a company we have invested in the latest wire erosion AGIE products, along with motivated and experienced wire EDM engineers, offering a first class service throughout all stages of part manufacture.

Because of the accuracy and efficiency of the wire erosion (EDM machining) process,  more manufacturers as well as particular sectors are finding it increasingly effective and economic to utilise this, rather than conventional methods. We provide a 24 hour wire erosion & CNC machining service, opening up many possibilities for companies using our services. Due to the computerised nature which drives our machines and the fact that no cutter wear is detectable, this ends with a high precision result as all of our clients would expect. For a wire erosion (Wire EDM) and CNC machining company that can deliver quality complex moulds, press tool punches and precision components on time, contact ND Precision Products. Our team of highly professional engineers are here to help with all your subcontract needs.

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